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 Since 2001, Miniature Art Company produces miniatures models of historical monuments by documenting and elevating the historical buildings, landmarks or objects and minimizing them by standard ratios of 1:10, 1:15 and 1:25 to converted them into “Artistic Productions’’ by a professional team and specialists. 

     Our company which is based in Tuzla Free Zone, Istanbul gives professional services in the subjects of Theme Park design and Miniature model productions. 

     Miniature Art company occupies a closed area of 4500 square meters and consists of a competent team of 117 specialists of architects, sculptors, painters, information engineers, assemblers and designers.

     Miniature Art, is the greatest miniature and model production company in Europe. The artifacts produced in our factory are perfect in every aspect and have been exported to many countries around the world. Our products are made to last at least 40 years without being affected from any kind of weather condition by making quality control in each stage of production. Miniature Art company, by considering that the artifacts are exhibited in open air miniature parks, uses materials which have highest resistance against external weather conditions. The most important point we focused in miniatures is rigidity. The models which its lengths reached up to 18 meters and its weights varies between 3 and 6 tons have a long-term guarantee in view of endurance and rigidity.

     Our company, which had a unique brand in his own field has also a rich data base of information and documented photos and materials of historical building and land marks around the world. Miniature Art has become competent in selecting lands as well as designing, planning and construction the complete projects in site when it’s required. Thanks to the knowledge and experience, we owned during the long history in this field until we became the most competent private company in this subject.

      Miniature Art, from its inception until today, has produced more than a thousand of miniatures for thirteen miniature parks and many more museums. Our company also gives support to the newly established miniature cities and theme parks in construction, marketing and advertising. We even support these projects from the beginning to the final finishing, in order to make them occupy and recognized both in local and national press.

     Our artifacts are produced by treating them with polyurethane blocks and carving technique individually without using any molds process for any part. We also apply colorizing, fixing and aging techniques which we named as “Giving Life’’ to our miniatures’ which is fixed in the last stage after production.

     Our miniatures can endure minimum for a 40 years, when regular maintenance takes place. The artifacts we made will endure for such long periods inevitably and recovers their costs and ensures long-term profit.


     Miniature Art company, is the only company which you can reach for your requirements related to such kind of open air museums, miniature parks, exhibition materials, introduction activities, supporting cultural activities, creating and applying projects, and panoramic museums.